UCI International Center

The UCI International Center will be one of your primary resources as an international student at UCI.  The International Center staff is committed to serving campus constituents through advising, immigration services, programming, advocacy, and outreach.

International Center Core Services

  • Provide expert immigration services, including SEVIS compliance, visa documentation and related advising
  • Advising services to academic departments on issues related to the enrollment and visa selection for the employment of international students and scholars
  • Serve as advisors to international students and scholars and as a resource center to assist during their time at UCI
  • Provide pre-arrival advising, orientation and adjustment assistance for international students and scholars and their families
  • Initiate, develop and implement programs, workshops, events, activities and leadership opportunities for the purpose of enhancing the student and scholar experience at UCI and to help them achieve personal, academic and professional goals.

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Programs offered by UCI International Center

Job Sites & H1B Employers & Salary Databases

Resources for Fiscal Year H-1B Cap Season

Change of status from F-1 to H-1B will require employer advising, as H-1B is an employer-sponsored visa category. Neither UCI International Center or MCS/MSWE/MDS will be able to properly advise you on this process. Graduates will need to work directly and very closely with their employers to navigate the steps to sponsorship and receiving an H-1B. Below are some resources to help students better understand the cap season and stay up-to-date throughout the process:

  • NAFSA: Association of International Educators has an entire resources page dedicated to the H-1B cap season, which includes tips for preparing your H-1B petition, an explanation of the premium processing option, and links to important regulations and document pages.
  • USCIS has a thorough section on their website dedicated to guiding H-1B petitioners through the process. They also provide a thorough breakdown of H-1B guidelines, documentation requirements, associated fees, and more.

Resources for Academic and Career Success

  • Grammarly: Install this free writing assistant to make your messages, documents and posts clear, mistake-free, and effective. Grammarly also has a free grammar checker to check your English text for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
  • Hofstede Insights: Understand the “Six Dimensions (6-D) of Culture” to work effectively with people from diverse cultural and geographic backgrounds. Compare countries here.
  • Internationalstudent.com

Job Search Books for International Students

LinkedIn Groups for International Students

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