One of the benefits of joining the MCS, MSWE, MDS and MHCID program is the individualized focus on employment and career coaching. Our Career Development team works strategically with students to prepare them for the recruitment and job interview process.

Our Career Development team has a philosophy of focusing on the individual. Career and professional development serves as a central part of the MCS, MSWE, MDS and MHCID experience. Guided by the philosophy that Career Development is a lifelong process of exploration and decision making, the Career Development Team provides comprehensive career and professional development services designed to empower students and recent graduates in making informed career choices. We support students to develop career readiness skills, refine career goals, and build professional networks through coordinated services and effective partnerships with faculty, staff, employers and alumni.

Using a student-centered approach, we are dedicated to provide students:

  • Career Coaching: personalized attention to assist students in identifying career direction and paving their career paths
  • Career Competitiveness: opportunities to enhance their marketability and career readiness competencies
  • Career Connections: opportunities and strategies to build and expand professional networks
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