Updated: January 31, 2022


Information on this page is for the CPT review process that will take place in Spring 2022, in preparation for Summer 2022. 

This only applies to international students who need CPT work authorization for Summer 2022. Domestic students do not need to apply for CPT. 

The CPT review process begins in the Spring quarter.  We are unable to review or approve any CPT applications during the Winter quarter because we cannot enroll students in Summer Session CPT Courses until the Spring quarter.  We thank you for your patience.

During the Winter quarter, we encourage you to review all CPT information available to you below, and on the UCI International Center’s CPT page.

To minimize delays during the CPT review process in Spring, please take the time now to verify that your offer/CPT letter from your employer meets all criteria listed on that page prior to starting your CPT application.  In addition, MCS, MSWE, and MDS staff will be enrolling students into respective their CPT courses, so students DO NOT need to self-enroll in summer courses for the purposes of CPT review. 

Lastly, we will be co-hosting a CPT Information Session with the International Center on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, at 2:00 pm, so please register in CODE and make plans to attend in person or via Zoom.  We understand this can be a confusing process so this information session will be the best time to get your questions answered. 


It is the responsibility of MCS, MSWE, and MDS International Students (F-1) to review the information provided by the UCI International Center on CPT, including eligibility criteria, timeline to apply, and how to prepare and submit your applications.

The CPT Review process is 100% online.  Please see below for step-by-step instructions and ensure that your application meets ALL requirements. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS made to any of the requirements.  Any errors you have may cause delays during your CPT approval process, which may also affect your application for a Social Security Number/Tax ID.


To determine your eligibility for CPT for Summer Internships, please review all information provided by UCI International Center on F-1: Curricular Practical Training (CPT).  If you are eligible for CPT, you may proceed with the CPT review process, summarized below. This review process is mandatory for MCS, MSWE and MDS international students who have secured summer internships.  Once a member of the Career Development team has reviewed and approved your CPT application documents, you may proceed with the next steps as outlined by the UCI International Center.

Before you begin, here are two (2) important links for the CPT Review Process:

  1. UCI International Center CPT Page
  2. CODE (for CPT Review Appointments and completed Application Documents)

[1]    Review CPT Information on UCI International Center’s page

[2]    Prepare CPT Documents

[2a]   Complete CPT Application Form Section 1, AND

[2b]   Verify that your Offer/CPT Letter meets all requirements listed on the International Center’s website

Tip: If you received two (2) letters, i.e. one offer letter and one supplemental CPT letter, please combine the two (2) letters into one (1) single PDF.

[3]    Prepare in CODE 

[3a]   In CODE, enter Internship Information:

  • On the Home screen, click on Internship > + Report Experience
  • Select Accepted Internship
  • Input information and hit Submit

Reminder: Jaclyn and David will only review your CPT documents if you have entered your Accepted Internship in CODE.  Please do not skip this step.

[3b]   In CODE, schedule CPT Review time slot with Jaclyn or David ***:

  • On Appointments screen, click on Appointment Type and select CPT Review
  • Click on a time block and click Book Appointment
  • Select an available 15-minute time slot and upload the following documents as attachments:
    1. Offer/CPT Letter with all requirements
      • If you received two (2) letters, i.e. one offer letter and one supplemental CPT letter, please combine the two (2) letters into one (1) single PDF
    2. CPT Application Form with Section 1 completed, e-signed and dated
      • Your e-signature must be a “wet” signature, meaning it must be a handwritten signature
      • Tip: In Adobe, go to Tools > Fill & Sign function to draw/sign your CPT Application Form (see here for a tutorial)
  • Click Book Appointment to secure your time slot ***
  • Jaclyn and David will review your CPT documents on the date and time of the CPT Review appointment you selected
      • *** Please note this is NOT a Zoom/virtual appointment and you will NOT need to be present during the time you reserved. This step is to reserve Jaclyn or David’s time to review your CPT documents at the time you requested.
      • If there are any issues with your documents, Jaclyn or David will email you with further instructions.  To prevent delay, make sure that your documents meet all requirements (Step 2b) and you have entered your internship information (Step 3a)
      • If there are no issues with your documents, please proceed to Step 4a


[4]    Submit CPT Application online

[4a]   In CODE, retrieve new CPT documents after 24-48 hours following the time of your CPT Review appointment:

  • On the Profile screen, go to Application Materials
  • Under Other Documents, you will now see:
    1. Your Offer/CPT Letter
    2. CPT Application Form with Section 2 completed and signed by Jaclyn or David
    3. Your Proof of Enrollment for Summer Sessions I and II 
  • To view and download each of the documents, click on the ellipsis (⋮) and select View Other Documents.

[4b]   Submit CPT application on UCI International Center’s page:

  • Go to the CPT Application portal on the International Center’s website to submit your application online and upload the required documents, correctly and completely. 
  • Deadlines to submit CPT applications to the International Center vary depending on your CPT start date.  For the majority of students who will begin their internships in Summer Session 1, your CPT Application must be submitted online to the International Center by June 7, 2022, so you can start your internships on June 20, 2022.
  • Please note that the International Center requires seven (7) business days, at the minimum, to process your CPT application. If your application is incomplete or incorrect, your application will be denied and the International Center will email and ask you to redo the entire application.  This will restart the clock and may cause further delay.

[5]    Await CPT Processing for new I-20 from UCI International Center

  • The IC requires seven (7) business days to process your CPT application. If your application is incomplete or incorrect, your application will be denied and you will be emailed and asked to redo the entire application.
  • The submission of your CPT application will result in a new I-20.
  • For Academic Year 2021-2022, your I-20 will be sent to you electronically via DocuSign once it is processed. A hardcopy I-20 visa document will no longer be issued as SEVP guidance allows electronic issuance of the I-20.
  • Contact the IC directly if you do not receive your I-20.



If you have not worked in the U.S. prior to your summer internship, please visit International Center’s website to determine your eligibility and see how to apply for a Social Security Number (SSN) or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).  

F-1 students on CPT are advised not to apply for an SSN more than 30 days before your CPT start date.  For example, if your start date is June 20, 2022, the date you should start applying for an SSN is on or after May 21, 2022.

During this process, international students must work directly with the local Social Security Office as UCI, the IC, or MCS/MSWE/MDS are not agents of or affiliated with Social Security Administration Offices.  International students are encouraged to keep checking the following sites for updates:

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