Inspire and Connect: Introducing CODE Alumni Cloud!

Empower MCS, MSWE, MDS and MHCID students by sharing your success stories on the CODE Alumni Cloud.

To create valuable networking opportunities and connections, we encourage all of our alumni to opt-in and share their outcome information on internships, post-graduation, and work experience with students and fellow alumni.

Why Participate?

  • Inspire current students with your journey and milestones.
  • Build a stronger network with fellow alumni.
  • Celebrate your achievements within our community.

As a reminder, your privacy is paramount. Salary details remain confidential, with only essential information (Company, Position, Location, etc.) shared, akin to LinkedIn. The CODE Alumni Cloud is exclusively accessible to UCI MCS, MSWE, MDS, and MHCID students and alumni, ensuring a private and secure environment.

Your participation is the key to building a strong alumni community. Thank you for being an integral part of it!

Are you an MCS, MSWE, MDS or MHCID alum who is interested in different ways to support your program and students?  If so, please contact Career Counselor Anto Park, who supports the programs’ alumni outreach efforts.

Anto Park |

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