Here are additional UCI-related resources you can leverage in your job search, and career and professional development. 

Here are additional non-UCI-affiliated resources we recommend to our students. These are based on our research and recommendations by alumni through the years. 

  • The Muse (General Career and Professional Development Advice)
  • Quora (Forum for Job Search, Careers, Tech Trends, etc.)
  • CareerCup (One of the first and original tech job prep site and books)
  • (Job Market Predictions, Salary Negotiations and RSU Management)
  •  (Salary Info in Tech)
  • (Referral Site for Internships and Jobs)
  • StackShare (Find out trending Tech Stacks and Stacks Target Companies Use)
  • TealHQ (A “career growth platform” that gives you the tools and skills for your job search, including guidance on creating a strategic job search plan)
  • YouTube: Coding Tech (Coding Tech partners with tech conferences around the world to republish videos on this channel)

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