Individual Career Advising

1-on-1 coaching appointments with a member of the Career Development Team are available for career planning, job search strategies, networking tips, resume and/or LinkedIn review, etc.

Mock Interviews

Appointments with a member of the Career Development Team are available for mock interviews.  They can be done in person or virtually via Zoom.

Career Workshops

Workshops are offered on a regular basis to provide information on a wide range of career-related topics, including resume writing, interviewing techniques, job search strategies, internship planning, salary negotiation, preparing for career fairs, working in the U.S., working remotely, time management, etc.

Career & Employer Events

The Career Development Team will feature alumni, industry professionals and/or organizations to present on career-related topics, including: professional panels, company info sessions, networking events, author presentations, tech talks, etc.

24/7 Online Career Resources

MCS/MSWE/MDS/MHCID students have full access to tools and resources related to resume / cover letter, LinkedIn, interview preparation, company information, salary insight, etc. 

Job & Internship Listings via CODE & Handshake

CODE and Handshake, are two online job posting sites for MCS/MSWE/MDS/MHCID students and UCI students across campus, respectively. They list part-time and full-time jobs, internships, and summer/seasonal positions.  Students can also register for Career Fairs (including UCI STEM Career Fair) hosted by UCI Division of Career Pathways through Handshake.

LinkedIn Groups

MCS/MSWE/MDS students can join the invite-only MCS/MSWE/MDS LinkedIn Groups where students can expand their professional network through connecting with other MCS/MSWE/MDS students and alumni who have transitioned to become industry professionals and experts.

MHCID students can join the invite-only Slack channel to network with other students and alumni as well. 

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