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Hire an ICS Anteater
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Professional Master of Software Engineering
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Professional Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design
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Welcome to UC Irvine’s Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS) and thank you for your interest in recruiting graduate students from ICS Professional ProgramsMaster of Computer Science (MCS), Master of Software Engineering (MSWE), Master of Data Science (MDS), and beginning Fall 2023, Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design (MHCID). We are excited to have this opportunity to become your strategic partner in your search for qualified tech professionals for your organization.

In addition to providing dedicated career development support for MCS, MSWE, MDS, and MHCID students, another primary objective of the Career Development team is to support your organization’s efforts to connect with, recruit and hire these graduate students who plan to enter the technology industry after graduation. Whether your organization is large and multidimensional, or a start-up with limited or unique talent needs, we look forward to working closely with you to develop a recruiting strategy tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

To further these efforts, we invite you to join CODE (Career Opportunities, Development and Events), a web-based portal that is designed to help you manage your entire recruiting process. You can use CODE to:

  • Post, track and store job postings
  • Access and download resumes
  • Request recruiting and info session dates
  • Monitor student sign-ups for your events
  • Maintain company contact information
  • Keep an ongoing history of your recruiting activities
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